In this project, we research how babies’ responses to people’s emotions lay the foundations for empathy development. Empathy and altruistic behaviours are important for harmonious interactions with others and building friendships.

We are interested in finding out how, over the course of 10-months, babies’ abilities to detect and respond to others’ emotions change from simple to more complex forms of social interaction. Learning about how empathy develops in the first years of life, will help us foster the emotional wellbeing of children.

We collect information about babies’ responses to people’s emotions through research visits at the Lab (University of York) and through questionnaires at three time points (8-, 12-, and 18-months). The activities in the lab are designed to be safe and engaging for babies.

Parents receive £10 at each time point and babies receive a small gift as a token of our appreciation for their help. We also provide free parking during the research sessions at the lab.

If your baby is 8-months-old or will soon reach this age you can sign-up here to participate

Filling in the form does not mean you consent to participate. We will soon get in touch with more details about the project, and then you can decide whether you would like to schedule a research session at a date and time that suits you.