For parents


Our research would not be possible without the help of many families who dedicate their precious time to take part in our studies. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and time!  If you would also like to participate with your child in our research, please sign up by filling in the CONTACT CARD.

How we research infant and child development

In order to capture the complexity of infants and children’s social abilities, we use a variety of methods, which we describe in more detail here. Most often, our research takes place in specially designed laboratory located in the Berrick Saul Building at the University of York. Here we have all facilities to work with children from the first month after birth.  We design our studies to be engaging and interesting for the children. Parents also tell us often that they learn a great deal about the social development of children by taking part in our research.

Recent findings

If you would like to read about the results of our studies, please follow this link or look at our publications. There are high chances that you and your child took part in some of these studies and helped us discover these interesting findings.




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