‘Life Through the Eyes of Your Baby’

Recruiting Babies Aged 1- to 6-weeks old

This study is part of a larger research project that explores how the ability to understand emotional expressions develops. Early on, infants like looking at faces and listening to voices, and develop the ability to tell the difference between different emotional expressions. We do not yet know how often babies are exposed to different emotional expressions, so with this study we want to record what infants see and hear during everyday lives. To do this, we will be using special cameras that can be worn by the infants themselves. We will also use cameras that can be worn by you to see what your baby does.

If your baby is aged 1- to 6-weeks-old (or you are expecting a baby soon), you are living in York area, and are interested in participating in this research

please sign-up by filling in the Contact Card

The information you provide will be stored securely and will not be shared with anyone outside our team.

More information: Filling in the form does not mean you consent to participate. We will soon get in touch with more details about the project, and then you can decide whether you would like to be involved at a date and time that suits you.

What does participation in the research involve?

For capturing what infants see and hear, we will give your infant an age appropriate hat to wear for two hours a day over the course of a week. The head-mounted camera will be attached to this hat, and once you turn it on, it will start recording sights and sounds. We will also ask you to wear a similar camera. Based on the diary, we may ask you to complete a short face-to-face play interaction with your child over one of these recording sessions, but otherwise you will not need to do anything out of the ordinary.

You will also have to fill in some questionnaires.

Safe and secure research for babies: The baby hat is specifically designed for babies and it is comfortable to wear. Your headband will also be comfortable. Both the hat and the headband will be made specifically for you. No lab visits are required for participation. All equipment will be fully sanitised prior to mailing.

Thank you gift: Your baby will receive a participation certificate as a reminder of being part of this research, and a token of our appreciation. You will also receive a £20 Amazon Voucher for your time.

In case you would like to find out more before signing up, please contact us at: psychology-dsn-lab@york.ac.uk

We plan to include in this research older babies as well. Hopefully, this will start over the summer.

If your baby is currently older than 6 weeks, you can still sign-up now and we will notify you when this part of the study is ready to begin.